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Through The Leaves

Written by Franz Xaver Kroetz

Translated from German by Roger Downey

Directed by Brittney Brady

CalArts Ensemble Theater

12.6 - 12.13, 2018

When winter gusts Otto into Martha’s life they both feel a charge in the air. Martha is a butcher for organ meat, like her parents before her, and she takes pride in her hard work. Otto works on a packing line and is disturbed by her work. At the beginning of the relationship, Martha writes a diary to share with Otto and to keep hold of the beautiful things. Martha invites Otto to stand next to her and share everything together. Otto repels Martha’s advances and tramples on her so he can be on top. She stands up for herself. As the days get longer and hotter, they plane away at each other so pieces of themselves fall to the ground. Otto uses force. Martha yields more and more, making changes in her life to please him, until the pressure kills her wild heart. Otto leaves for good. Martha is alone.



Creator/Director: Brittney Brady    
Scenic Designer: Songyi Park    
Scenic Artist: Rashi Jain    
Costume Designer: Edurne Fernandez    
Lighting Designer: Christine Ferriter    
Bo Li    Sound Designer
Composer: Evan Johnson    
Video Designer: Jungwoo Kim    
Asst. Video Designer: Kathleen Fox     
Director of Photography: Siru Wen    
Technical Director: Mitchell Leitschuh     
Production Stage Manager: Ethan Hollander    
Production Manager: Ni Li    
General Manager: Rui Xu    
Marketing Manager: Sophie Blumberg    
Digital Communications Manager: Jared Pixler    
Resident Dramaturg: Changting Lu
Line Producer: Xiaoyue Zhang, Alyse James
Company Manager: Xiaoyue Zhang
Production Dramaturg: Xiaoyue Zhang

Photo by: Xiaoyue Zhang

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