Written by Sophocles

Translated by Stephen Berg and Diskin Clay

Directed by Jesse Bonnell

 CalArts The Walt Disney Modular Theater

2.21 - 2.29, 2020

Wave after wave, the city of Thebes is stricken by plague, pestilence, and death: a punishment set upon them for a shame that is not their own. Told through a stark lense of haunting movement and dissonant song, Oedipus the King unveils Apollo’s darkest divination of a man seeking an unholy truth to save his people from rot and ruin.


Director: Jesse Bonnell
Scenic Design: Fallon Williams
Lighting: Christian Mejia
Sound: Scott Goldfarb
Costume Designer: Huizhen Zhong
Scenic Artist: Rachel Armour
Technical Director: Kevin Brown, Ky Doctor
Stage Manager: Ethan Hollander
Production Manager: Xiaoyue Zhang

Photo: Xiaoyue Zhang, Jesse Bonnell