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Nightwalk in the Chinese Garden 遊園、流芳

Written and directed by Stand Lai 賴聲川

The Huntington Garden

9.21 - 10.26, 2018

Inspired by the famous 16th Century Chinese romantic tragicomedy, The Peony Pavilion, Chinese theater maker Stan Lai has created Nightwalk in the Chinese Garden as a site-specific performance for the Garden of Flowing Fragrance at The Huntington in San Marino. Nightwalk weaves elements of the ancient Chinese story—in which two lovers find each other in dreams and in death—with tales of early 20th Century Southern California, conducting its audience intimately through the mystical space of the garden at night.


The play is performed in English with some passages from The Peony Pavilion sung in Chinese to the original music. During the month-long run of the show, small audiences of 40 individuals each night will become an integral part of the performance, moving through the garden as the story unfolds around them like scenes from a Chinese scroll painting.


Co-produced by CalArts Center for New Performance and The Huntington Library, Art Collections, and Botanical Gardens in association with the Shanghai Kunqu Troupe and Theatre Above, Shanghai.



Creator/Director: Stan Lai

Assistant Director: Yao Zhang

Scenic Designer: Aubree Lynn

Assistant Scenic Designer: Jiaying Wang

Costume Designer: EB Brooks

Assistant Costume Designer: Yuan Yuan Liang

Lighting Designer: Chris Kuhl

Assistant Lighting Designer: Damien Perard

Sound Designer: Daniel Gower

Sound Designer: Leon Rothenberg

Hair and Makeup: Janell Turley

Props Master: Patrick Smith

Production Stage Manager: Laura Rin

Stage Manager: Katherine Barrett

Assistant Stage Manager: Qinghuan Yao

Dramaturg: Amanda Shank

Technical Director: Mitch Leitschuh

Production Manager: Gary Kechely

Assistant Production Manager: Kimberly Yeoman

Line Producer: Xiaoyue Zhang, Sophie Blumberg, Rui Xu

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