Hedda Gabler

By Henrik Ibsen

Translated from the Norwegian by Paul Walsh

Directed by Jesse Bonnell

CalArts Ensemble Theater

11.2 - 11.10, 2018

Ibsen's Hedda Gabler presents a psychological study of a cultivated woman, recently returned from her honeymoon, whose boredom and dissatisfaction in a stifling environment lead her to destroy others — and herself.


Directed: Jesse Bonnell

Scenic Designer: Ben Wilson

Costume Designer: Nan Zhou

Lighting Designer: Bri Patillo

Sound Designer: Gahyae Ryu

Technical Director: Kevin Brown 

Scenic Artist: Ritika Ramesh

Production Stage Manager: Jordan Moore 

Production Manager: Irina Krutous 

General Manager: Rui Xu

Line Producer: Xiaoyue Zhang, Alyse James

Company Manager: Xiaoyue Zhang

Marketing Manager: Sophie Blumberg

Digital Communications Manager: Jared Pixler

Resident Dramaturg: Changting Lu

Photo: Xiaoyue Zhang