rasgos asiaticos (in progress)

Written by Virginia Grise

Directed by Alexis Macnab

Currently being postponed due to COVID-19

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An intimate story about the fluidity of borders and time, Virginia Grise’s site-specific performance installation rasgos asiáticos examines migration and displacement, and unearths hidden histories in the confluence of China, Mexico, and the United States. Created in collaboration with designer Tanya Orellana, rasgos asiáticos is a constructed space for personal and political excavation, revealed through inherited stories, fragmented memories, historical re-imaginings, and recurring dreams.

“I am searching for my dead ancestors at the markets in Monterrey, the Chinese restaurants in Tampico, in the newspapers from Sonora, at the henequen plantations in the Yucatan, in forgotten photos from Arizona.”
– from rasgos asiáticos


Playwright: Virginia Grise

Director: Alexis Macnab

Performers: Marlene Beltran, Antonia Cruz-Kent, Likun Jing, LydiaLi, IsaiasMiranda, AngelaRosado, KeeratiSivakuae

Installation Designer:Tanya Orellana

Asst. Scenic Designer: Joseph Jin

Lighting Designer: Christine Ferriter

Costume Designer: Nan Zhou

Sound Designer: Colin Yeo

Asst. Sound Designer: Jacenta Yu

Propsmaker: Sharon Gahlla

Assistant Sound Designer: Amy Huang

Producer: Rachel Scandling

Associate Producer: Xiaoyue Zhang

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