This is a Chicken Coop

Created an directed by Ergao

Guangzhou, China

4, 2016

Imagine: human beings return to their original state and conventional rules no longer apply. Imagine: human beings being objectified and the next dominating species have a completely different social system. What would the world be like? Avant-garde independent Chinese dance artist and choreographer Er Gao leads a cast of international dancers, performing in the nude in the ancient village of Huadu, to present an absurd scene born out of the irony of force-fed education and twisted social awareness.


Screened at POOL 20 - Spring Edition | 3 Wochen Tanzfilme Online (Germany)


Screened at FOCUS CINA. Corpo, ideologia, contemporaneità (Italy)


Screened at CINE CORPS dance film Festival (Paris/Rennes, France)

Screened at Segal Center Film Festival (USA)


Screened at Moovy Kölner Tanzfilmestival (Germany)

Screened at POOL 17-Internationals TanzFilmFestival (Germany)                     

Selected and won the “Special Screening” by Athens Video Dance Project (Athens)

Screened at Chaktomuk Short Film Festival (Vietnam)



Entered the Light Moves Festival of Screendance in Limerick (Ireland)

The ROLLOUT Jury Award, Rollout Dance Film Festival (Macau)


Director: Er Gao (CHN)

Performers:  Jerry Wang (CHN), Oliamber An (CHN), Coury Guo (CHN), Hui Wu (CHN), Ioku Ero Nikaido (HongKong), Stephaine Liang (Tai Wang), Ni Yan (CHN), Hio Mei Lou (Macau), Elisabeth Bardin (France), Grandee Dorji (CHN), ErGao (CHN)

Cinematographer:  Senax Feng (CHN), J.him Lee (Hong Kong)

Editor:  Senax Feng (CHN)    

Music:  Yinyi (CHN)Director: Er Gao (CHN)

Producer:  Shiya Lu (CHN)

Assistant Producer: Xiaoyue Zhang (CHN)

Photo: Grandee Dorji, DT

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