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King Lear

Directed by Brittney Brady

CalArts Modular Theater

11.15 - 11.23, 2019

A massive dust storm approaches, threatening to consume a whole world in darkness. In a heartbreaking showdown between good and evil, loyalty and deception, knowing and not knowing, King Lear takes us on the tragic journey of a father whose act of division shakes the bedrock of his kingdom.


Director: Brittney Brady    
Assistant Director: Lauren Sage Browning    
Scenic Designer: Sirun Bakrajian    
Sonya Berg    Costume Designer
Christine Ferriter    Lighting Designer
Jacenta Yu    Sound Designer
Kathleen Fox    Video Design
Scenic Artist: Janhavi Naik    
Technical Director: Jake Siekman    
Stage Manager: Jordan Moore    
Production Manager: Rob Chicou    
Production Dramaturg: Xiaoyue Zhang    


Photo by: Xiaoyue Zhang