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The Little Red Book (work in progress)

Created and Directed by Xiaoyue Zhang

What is a Chinese body? What is the texture of a Chinese body? How are Chinese bodies presented in a performance space? 

The Little Red Book is a performance experiment that brings a group of Chinese artists together with our desire to excavate, to learn and to transform body languages of contemporary China. These materials include historical performing art forms that have been passing down a Socialism legacy, but also our body experiences in daily life growing up in the 1990s(for example, eye massages, gymnastics and military training at school), as well as our experience in physical training as artists in China, and here in the US.

This project explores the intersections between ideological constructs, individual identities, and our bodies as they embody political and cultural symbols; and how we, as artists and movers, take in them, rebel against them, and move forward with them. 

The Little Red Book (workshop) was presented at CalArts WinterLab Festival 2020


Created and Directed by: Xiaoyue Zhang
Performer: Lydia Li, Likun Jing, Xiaoyue Zhang
Dramaturg: Yue Wang


Photo by: Jiayu Zhang (Eriica)