Directed by Scarlett Kim

CalArts Ensemble Theater 407

4.20 - 4.28, 2018

Suffocated by the death of his father and his mother’s sudden remarriage to his uncle Claudius, Prince Hamlet is faced with a choice. Feigning madness, Hamlet resolves to uncover the truth of his father's untimely demise amidst a myriad of deceit.

Revealing the rift between thought and action, director Scarlett Kim leads an ensemble of 13 amnesiac clowns as they invite the audience to perform and engage in their mad language of love. 

To exist is to perform relentlessly, and to perform at all is to perform madness.


Director: Scarlett Kim
Scenic Designer: Alex Grover
Scenic Artist: Emma Gullo    
Lighting Designer: Dylan Phillips    
Lighting Interaction Consultant: Josephine Wang    
Sound Designer: Malik Pauldron    
Composer: Michael Zasadzinski    
Video Designer: Chris Kim    
Costume Designer: X. Hill    
Production Stage Manager: Jordan Moore
Technical Director: Adam Tantillo    
Asst Technical Director: Chris Malison    
Production Associate: Patrick Smith    
Producer: Kimberly Yeoman    
Production Manager: Xiaoyue Zhang    

Photo: Xiaoyue Zhang