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Braiding Water (work in-progress)

supported by Theater Mitu Hybrid Arts Lab 2023

Braiding Water is a tender conversation with grief, and an imagination for a mourning ritual that has been lost, or forced to be kept absent.

Tracing the experiences of loss and being silenced among 4 generations in my family, this project reflects on the parallel between silencing the living voice and forbidding a memorial for the dead, and how the growing mass surveillance interests with this parallel.

Tapping into the playfulness of technology, Braiding Water plays with the unreliability of memories, individual and historical narratives, and attempts to digitize the otherworldly presence

Research & Development Phase:

April - May 2021
Supported by Los Angeles Performance Practice

R+D Residency 


How do we articulate a traumatic experience when it’s inexpressible? How can we find new vocabularies for healing when language is still in crisis and complicates our experience? 

Family M(e)assage (Working title) is an experiment that explores the legacy of national trauma within a family, especially how it passes down among generations through bodies and other non-verbal means. This project traces somatic connections among three generations of women in a family – my grandmother, my mother, and myself – to access the muted family history around and beyond the experience of the Land Reformation and the Cultural Revolution in China between the 1950s – 1970s.
This project takes studies on transgenerational trauma and Chinese Medicine Psychology - a study on the interrelationship between body and mind rooted in ancient Chinese medicine philosophy - as theoretical supports and inspirations.

Photos by: Yue Wang
Design support: Yue Wang, Xiyu Lin
XY photo - Family M(e)assage - credit Yue Wang.jpg
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Rehearsal 3.jpg
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