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Written by Sophokles
Translated by Anne Carson

Directed by Natalia Lassalle-Morillo


CalArts The Walt Disney Modular Theater

4.12 - 4.20, 2019

In the aftermath of a devastating civil war, Antigone is left standing in the ruins. One of her dead brothers is declared a traitor, while the other is proclaimed a hero. Kreon, the city’s appointed ruler, leaves his traitorous nephew’s body to rot beyond the city walls. Defying the command of her uncle, Antigone buries her brother in secret, turning this intimate act of duty into an act of rebellion, triggering a domino effect that shakes her home nation to its core. Her defiance illuminates the tactics her family employs to deal with chaos and brings their city to question our relationship to our blood, the privilege of remembrance, and the structures established by humans to understand the conditions and logic of a past that weighs on our present.


Creator/Director: Brittney Brady    
Scenic Designer: Songyi Park    
Scenic Artist: Rashi Jain    
Costume Designer: Edurne Fernandez    
Lighting Designer: Christine Ferriter    
Bo Li    Sound Designer
Composer: Evan Johnson    
Video Designer: Jungwoo Kim    
Asst. Video Designer: Kathleen Fox     
Director of Photography: Siru Wen    
Technical Director: Mitchell Leitschuh     
Production Stage Manager: Ethan Hollander    
Production Manager: Ni Li    
General Manager: Rui Xu    
Marketing Manager: Sophie Blumberg    
Digital Communications Manager: Jared Pixler    
Resident Dramaturg: Changting Lu
Line Producer: Xiaoyue Zhang, Alyse James
Company Manager: Xiaoyue Zhang
Production Dramaturg: Xiaoyue Zhang


Photo by: Xiaoyue Zhang

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