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Xiaoyue Zhang is a Chinese interdisciplinary artist, creative producer, and production manager working at the intersection of performance, dance, photography, and film. Her works center on exploring the porosity of ideological constructs through the lens of the body and bodily experience. She collaborates with bodies, others, and her own, to access the archived experience of tension present in identities that exist in between history and narrative, the collective and personal, and language and bodies. In her process, Xiaoyue seeks the transforming and transgressing potential born from the hybridity of mediums, disciplines, and cultures. 


Xiaoyue’s theater works have been shown at REDCAT New Original Works Festival and Hollywood Fringe Festival. Her film and video works have been presented at the Guangdong Museum of Art (China) and Short Film Corner of the 2018 Cannes International Film Festival. Her film producing works have been shown internationally in France, Germany, Athens, Vietnam, Ireland. She has worked as an associate producer for Ergao Dance Group and CalArts Center for New Performance. She is currently the associate producer at The Orchard Project (New York).


She received her MFA in Creative Producing and Management at California Institute of the Arts and is currently living on the Tongva Land (also known as Los Angeles).

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